Flower,_Botanical_and_Landscape_Fine _Art_Photography_by_Mike_Reid

My work and travels have taken me all over the world and provided numerous opportunities to capture its beauty. I am primarily a floral, nature and landscape photographer. I mostly shoot Fuji GFX100s digital medium format, Sony A7R2 and Zeiss prime lenses. ~ Mike Email: mike@mikereidphotography.com

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Unique Aerial video and photographic perspectives from around the Northwest. Northwest and Seattle area aerial photography is challenging and very rewarding. #aerial #aerialphotography #drone #drones #helicopter #r66

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Seattle. My home. I love taking photographs around the Seattle area from one of my many perches. #seattle #visitseattle

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The beauty of the Northwest part of the United States is unique, ever-changing and unsurpassed anywhere else in the nation. It's a photographer's paradise, an outdoor enthusiast's playground and a joy to call home. In this section, I've placed images from around the area in a structure that groups them by location. I hope you get a sense of the immense treasure we have here in the NW. #enchantments #pnw #landscapephotography #tulips #hiking
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Banff, Lake O'Hara and Canadian Rockies Photography

I finally made a trip the Banff area for photos. I think its hard to be a landscape photographer and not be aware of the beauty in this area. June seemed to be a good time to go. Lakes were melted out and the summer crowds had yet to hit hard. #banff
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Northwest Mountains Photography

The Mountains of the Northwest, Rainier, St. Helens, Adams, Baker and Shuksan to name a few. These immense beautiful peaks draw visitors from around the world to experience them in person. I've created a collection here of some of my favorite NW Mountains images. #mountains
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Honestly this trip changed my life....crazy as that sounds. I did the Everest base camp trek in Feb and Banff in June and they paled in comparison. The thing about Iceland is sometimes we shooters go on trips and feel pressure to get great shots. But Iceland is so awesome that the amazing shots just keep throwing themselves at you. Its just relentless. At some point I just relaxed and took it all in. #iceland
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Alaska Photography

The Last Frontier is a spectacular place to visit and take photos. I'm especially drawn to #Petersburg Alaska for landscape and aerial photography of the nearby glaciers. #alaska

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Flower Photography

Flower Photography by Mike Reid - Like I said on my main page, thin depth of field photography is my poetry. And flowers with their romantic softness and colors are my main subject. I use selective focus to re-create that mood with my Zeiss fast prime lenses. The year is one revelation after another as various months bring new blooms and opportunities in the garden. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. #flowers #flowerphotography

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Carmel and Big Sur Coast Photography

Capturing the coastal serenity and beauty along Highway One in #California

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Paris and Normandy Photography

Paris - La Ville-Lumière. City of Light. You could spend a lifetime exploring it's many wonders. I have captured a few here and hope to get back soon. Now with added Mont St Michel and Normany images #paris #parisperfect

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Rome and the Vatican

Rome and the Vatican. Stunning Renaissance Architectures and History everywhere. #rome #vatican

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London Photography

London - So much history, so many interesting facets. For anyone who has spent any time with British literature, a visit here helps that world come to life. Fine beer too. #london.

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Mount Everest Base Camp Trek Photography

Images from my recent two week trek from Lukla to Kalla Patthar for closeup Everest Views. #basecamptrek

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Africa and Namibia Photography

After some recent work in South Africa, I had the chance to do a self drive safari around Namibia. Here are some of the images I captured of the animals and landscapes there. #namibia

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Las Vegas Photography

The City that Never Sleeps, captured at night. #vegas

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Arizona and Utah Photography

The warmth of the desert and the vast canyons in the area are amazing to see. #brycecanyon

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India and Taj Mahal Photography

Several visits to #India have allowed me to capture the vibrant colors and local energy of Delhi, Agra and Chennai.

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Nepal and Kathmandu Photography

Gateway to some of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world. I did the trek to Kalla Patthar in February of 2017 and will definitely be back for more trekking.

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Cambodia Photography

I recently had a chance to visit the Kingdom of Wonder and it's a photographer's paradise. #cambodia

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New York City Photography

I don't visit New York very often but when I do, I spend time in a few of my favorite perches including Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building for their broad vistas. #newyork

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Cinque Terre Italy Photography

I recently visited the Cinque Terre in Italy for a few days and tried to capture here its timeless beauty and sense of romance. #ricksteves

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San Francisco Photography

The City by the Bay. I've been a frequent visitor since the 80s and the many facets of this beautifiul city are a wonder to explore and photograph.

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Victoria British Columbia

Victoria British Columbia Photography by Mike Reid - These shots are from a recent visit to #Victoria.

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Montreal and Ottawa Photography

Spectacular churches and wonderful parks are just two aspects of these fine Canadian cities.

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Istanbul Photography

The sights and smells of #Istanbul, a wonder to visit and explore.

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Scotland Photography

Old castles and fine whiskies, two of my favorite parts of visiting Scotland.

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Berlin Photography

Berlin, the merging of the West and the East. Exploring this European city is a great chance to see history laid out before you.

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Prague Photography

Untouched by WWII, Prague and its many side streets, incredible architecture and amazing people are a photographers dream. #prague

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Bali Photography

To me, Bali is like Hawaii decades ago. Wild and lush, photographic opportunities abound. #bali

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Colombia Photography

The people, the warm breezes and the colors of Colombia I have tried to capture here. #colombia

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Big Island Hawaii Photography

The Big Island is a must see for any Hawaii visitor, with so much to see and do and photograph. #hawaii

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Kauai and Oahu Hawaii Photography

Kauai and Oahu are lush garden paradises to photograph. Oahu adds tremendous historical significance.

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Brazil Rio and Foz do Iguacu Falls Photography

Second largest falls in the world. I had to visit Iguazu Falls when I was in Brazil. #brazil

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People Photography

Capturing people in various activities and usually with a fast prime :)

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Nieces Portrait Photography

I've had the opportunity to capture a number of my niece's milestones with my camera. These shots are all natural light, handheld portraits with Zeiss and Canon fast primes.

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Dog Photography

Oh the Dogs I've known...

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Cat Photography

My most precious and amazing Kitty Girl, with an occasional cameo by Mr Cat Simon

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Car Photography

I love to drive and to take car photos. #carphotography

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