Flower, Botanical and Nature Photography by Mike Reid

I am from Seattle and love living here, having been most everywhere else. I am primarily a floral and landscape photographer. Thin depth of field is my poetry. I mostly shoot Sony A7R and Zeiss prime lenses with a light touch with regards to processing. ~ Mike

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Seattle and Sky View Observatory Time Lapse Videos

These are time lapse videos I have created of incredible weather above Seattle from the Columbia Centers Sky View Observatory

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Seattle Columbia Center Sky View Observatory Photography

On the 73rd floor of Seattles Columbia Center, the Sky View Observatory affords a vast view of the Seattle area.

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Anacortes and San Juan Islands

Anacortes, gateway to the San Juan Islands in Washington State. The beauty of Anacortes is just a hint of what is found out on the islands. Many of my shots here are from the air.

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Seattle Kerry Park Cityscape Skyline Photography

Photography from Seattles Kerry Park is iconic. Everyone wants to go there when they visit to take That Shot. I love being there at sunrise or sunset to see how the light is highlighting the city and Mount Rainier.

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Seattle Gasworks Park Photography

Seattles Gasworks Park began as, surprise, a Gas Works. Decommissioned years ago, its now one of the city's most popular parks for views of Lake Union and the city skyline.

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Seattle Shilshole Marina Photography

The breakwater along Shilshole Marina means that the water here is usually calm and great for sunsets. I've been visiting here since I was a child, admiring the boats and calm waters.

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Seattle Waterfront Sunset and Sunrise Photography

Seattle's waterfront presents numerous photo opportunities. Views of the Olympic Mountains, Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, Alki Point and back at the Seattle skyline are abundant. Sunset and sunrise light create so many opportunies to be creative.

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Seattle Discovery Park Photography

Seattles Discovery Park began as an Army base in the earlier part of the century. Its now an immense park, with many trails and photo opportunities. Some of my favorite shots here were taken down at the beach, with views of the lighthouse and Olympic Mountains.

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Seattle Greenlake Park Photography

Greenlake Park in Seattle is one of the citys busiest parks, bustling with activity from morning until night. A path circles the lake, approximately 3 miles around.

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Horseshoe Lake and Stuart Range Fall Colors

Tucked off in one of the far corners of the Enchantments Lakes Basin, Horseshoe Lake makes you earn your visit. The trail, if you could call it that, is what you make of it as you approach the final climb to the lake itself. Its a third of a mile, 1500 ft climb or scramble, but the payoff once over the edge is unforgettable.

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Enchantments Alpine Lakes Photography

Officially the 8th toughest day hike in the country, the Enchantments Lakes Basin pays off with incredible beauty. Fall is especially nice as the larches that dot the area turn to a golden yellow.

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Lake Colchuck Enchantments Photography

Lake Colchuck, gateway to the Enchantments Lakes Basin near Leavenworth. Arriving here sets you up for the climb up Asgaard Pass into the basin. The beauty is immeasurable. Once youve been, you will always come back.

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Mount Rainier Reflection Lakes Photography

The Reflection Lakes area of Mount Rainier National Park has abundant opportunities to capture clear reflections of the mountain.

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Mount Rainier Tipsoo Lake Naches Loop Photography

The Naches Loop, east of Mount Rainier has several reflective lakes and tarns, as well as an abundance of summer wildflowers. Once the snow is gone, I cant seem to stay away.

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Flower Photography

Flower Photography by Mike Reid - Like I said on my main page, thin depth of field photography is my poetry. And flowers with their romantic softness and colors are my main subject. I use selective focus to re-create that mood with my Zeiss and Minolta fast prime lenses. The year is one revelation after another as various months bring new blooms and opportunities in the garden. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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Rhododendron Photography

Azalea and Rhododendron season in Seattle brings a flourish of blooms and colors to local gardens. Ive created painterly images of some of my favorite flowers using thin depth of field techniques.

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Rose Photography

Rose Photography by Mike Reid - Many of my rose shots are from the Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden in Seattle. Around June or so it comes alive with so many rose types. I have tried to capture the romance and mood of various blooms here using my fast prime lenses. I hope you enjoy these.

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Iris Photography

Iris Photography by Mike Reid - Irises are one of the first flowers to come back around after winter. They are both challenging and fascinating to capture with thin depth of field. I have a patch of Japanese Irises out front that I love to photograph.

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Crocus Photography

Crocus Photography by Mike Reid - Crocus blooms are like little fountains of light. Mine are usually purple. Another early bloomer, these herald spring to me. These especiallly look like paintings when printed on canvas.

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Orchid Photography

Orchids are a favorite of many people. Their delicate blooms, rare at times are full of color and beauty

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Victoria British Columbia

Victoria British Columbia Photography by Mike Reid - These shots are from a recent visit to Victoria.

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Brazil Rio and Foz do Iguacu

A work trip to Rio allowed me to visit Iguacu Falls and begin to appreciate their massive beauty.

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Cannon Beach Photography

Cannon Beach is one of my favorite Oregon Coast destinations. Obviously, Haystack Rock is prominent. Numerous beach parks north and south of the Rock are also impressive.

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